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Дата: 2018-06-24 10:02:08
Тема: Photo 
Теги: portrait 

ID: 40870637
Дата: 2018-06-24 09:02:37
Тема: Space sharing 
Теги: бред, hypotheses - fingo!, бейте лампочки в подъездах, он как бы намекает 
(Бред, не читать)

Любопытная история с почитанием Брахмы. Его культ практически отсутствует: храмы, ему посвященные, можно по пальцам пересчитать, в то время как храмов, посвященным другим двум лицам Тримурти, Вишну и Шиве - десятки тысяч.

Любопытно. Творец все-таки, создатель материальной Вселенной. Изображается четвероликим, из которых одновременно видно три лика. Часто рисуется седобородым старцем. Его супруга - Сарасвати - богиня мудрости. Махабхарата говорит о Брахме: "раскрывшийся и нераскрывшийся, несуществующий и существующий, тот, который есть вся вселенная, который отличен от существующего и несуществующего; создатель высшего и низшего, древний и высочайший, неиссякаемый и благосклонный, который сам — благосклонность".

Приведу также и другой отрывок: "Бог как Причина всего сущего запределен всему сущему; не будучи ни бессущностным, ни безжизненным, ни бессловесным, ни безрассудным, Он, тем не менее, не есть что-либо телесное, поскольку форма, образ, качество, количество и объем у Него отсутствуют и Он не пребывает в каком-либо определенном месте; у Него отсутствуют как чувственное, так и зрительное восприятие, ибо Он не только ничего не воспринимает, но и не есть что-либо из чувственновоспринимаемого; Он не подвержен болезням и свободен от смятения и волнений, являющихся следствием возбуждения чувственных страстей, однако Он не бессилен, не испытывает недостатка в свете и Ему не присущи непостоянство, изменение, искажение, разделение, оскудение, и, обобщая: ничто из чувственновоспринимаемого Ему не присуще и Он не есть что-либо чувственновоспринимаемое."

Похоже, а? И где у нас почитают Невидимого, Запредельного всякому существованию и несуществованию, единого в трех лицах, Творца, притом иконографическая традиция изображает его седобородым старцем?

ID: 40702340
Дата: 2018-06-24 07:01:11
Тема: CamelotRemix Week 1 Round-Up 
Теги: !fest roundups, !mod post 
Week one round-up

FIC: It's a Kind Of Magic (The Kings and Vagabonds Remix) for
(Arthur/Merlin - Teen and Up - 6,858)
Summary: While Merlin recovers from a punishing stage tour, performing as infamous live-magic sensation Dragoon the Great, he enjoys the relative anonymity of life in a small village. But when he falls head over heels for the gorgeous son of a local landowner, his magic starts playing tricks on him. Until finally, at the annual barn dance, he takes the opportunity to show Arthur who he really is…

FIC: Wonderful Life for
(Bradley James/Colin Morgan, Bradley James/Jay - Explicit - 3,300)
Summary: It’s 2018. Colin is promoting ‘The Happy Prince’, Jay is planning a wedding and Bradley is still clueless.

ART: Arthur the Aristocrat Remixed for
(N/A - Gen)
Summary: Arthur has come from his daily afternoon stroll inside his beloved maze. There he can contemplate his new valet, Emrys, in peace (yeah, I can merthurize any verse). Cheerio :)

FIC: Just Enough to Make You Feel Crazy (When Good Ideas Get Better Remix) for /ingberry
(Arthur/Merlin - Mature - 710)
Summary: They go from best buds who wank together, to friends who like each other and wank each other. It's a whirlwind. They probably should've figured it out sooner.

FIC: Sail Thou Forth for
(Arthur/Merlin - Explicit - 37,070)
Summary: Trapped in a marriage of convenience, Merlin Emrys doesn't believe in love at first sight - or true love at all, for that matter.

That is, until he meets Arthur Pendragon, an extraordinary man whose courage inspires him to begin the career that he has always longed for, and in whose arms Merlin begins to hope for better things.

But society isn't kind to men like them, and both must overcome tremendous obstacles before they will be free to live the life they've been dreaming of.

FIC: Hot Cross Bunnies (The Rampant Rabbit Remix) for
(Arthur/Merlin - PG-13 - 3,500)
Summary: When Arthur asks Merlin to use his magic in the bedroom, this definitely wasn't what he was hoping would happen.

In which Merlin is adorable, Gaius is not amused, Gwen is charmed and Arthur wishes yet again that he was an only child.

FIC: The Edge of Too (A “Too late...too soon?” Remix) for
(Gwaine/Percival, Merlin/Arthur - Gen - 1,347)
Summary: Usually he has the entire walk to the shop, what with Merlin crashing all the time. In truth, Merlin had slept in his bed last night while Gwaine slummed it on the couch. However, there was a mishap with the laundry. (“They’re all my shirts, Merlin! You can’t possibly be mad I’m wearing MY OWN shirt?!” “Gwaine, you know I reserve the rights to the taco shirt.”) Merlin had been forced to retreat to his own flat for a clean top.

FIC: For He So Loved The World (the O, Thy Father Remix) for
(Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Uther - Explicit - 4,497)
Summary: Arthur's best friend, flatmate, and secret crush is Merlin, a gay, open-minded priest with a deeply-hidden secret of his own.

ART: Roll on, Arthur! for
(Purrlin/Arthur Penkitty - Gen)
Summary: What Arthur really thought about the whole roller skating thing.

FIC: It Started with A Cream Bun for
(Merlin/Arthur - Mature - 4,500)
Summary: Henry, Merlin’s pervy purple potted plant, has an interesting vantage point. He sees and hears much more than he ever expected. Oh, if plants could talk…

FIC: The Swan (remix of Break your Chains) for clotpolesonly
(Merlin/Arthur - Teen and Up - 1,700)
Summary: Merlin is the young, brilliant principal dancer at the Royal Camelot Ballet. His star is set to rise, and rise, until the day it all comes crashing down.

FIC: A Dragon's Visitor (The Perilous Path Remix) for
(N/A - Gen - 814)
Summary: A dragon lay waiting in a cave. Today, he will have a visitor.

ART: Lady Midnight for
(Merlin/Morgana - Gen)
Summary: Merlin climbs the tallest tower, if for only just a moment together.

FIC: they'll remember we were here for
(Merlin/Arthur - Teen and Up - 700)
Summary: This world has made monsters of all of them, even those who are not, but when Arthur looks at Merlin, he sees none of the monstrosity his father once spoke of.

FIC: A Good Life (The Worry Woman Remix) for /EachPeachPearPlum
(Merlin/Morgana - Gen - 3,006)
Summary: Morgana is finally free. She’s left vengeance behind, and in the process she has become estranged from Morgause. While she still feels the loss of those she once thought of as her dearest friends and family, she is content to know they are well, and she finds meaning and solace in travelling from village to village serving as a worry woman.

FIC: It's Not That Bad (The Not Totally Horrible Remix) for
(Merlin/Arthur - Explicit - 1,175)
Summary: Being PA to famous film star Arthur Pendragon is not actually that bad.

FIC: On the Edge of Something (the Borderlands Remix) for
(Merlin/Arthur - Teen and Up - 4,488)
Summary: When Merlin finds himself trapped in a mysterious cottage with Arthur Pendragon, his memories surface even as he faces a new future.

FIC+ART: Fixing His Mistake for /Merlinsdeheune (sindhunathi)
(Merlin/Arthur - Teen and Up - 5,245 - Digital Art)
Summary: Merlin had given up hope on his relationship with Arthur. How could the man have been so cruel on Valentine's Day. But when Arthur walked back into this life, he couldn't just say no.

FIC: Prince Charming Is Kind of an Asshole (The Stroke of Twelve Remix) for
(Merlin/Arthur - Mature - 1,500)
Summary: Arthur tries to be a good man. The universe makes it very, very hard on him when the man he’s been in love with for years throws himself at Arthur for a night of drunken sex. He won’t take advantage, but Merlin doesn’t make it easy to say no.

ID: 40707985
Дата: 2018-06-24 06:59:58
Тема: Компромисс 
Теги: drink responsibly, жизнь, разговаривать песенками 
Долго решал философский вопрос. Водка, пиво или вино? Так и не пришел к однозначному решению. Купил вина и водки на потом. Это называется компромисс!

ID: 40701212
Дата: 2018-06-24 06:59:38
Тема: Photo 
Теги: portrait 

ID: 40669477
Дата: 2018-06-24 06:36:31
Тема: Матчи за два дня - 22,23 июня 
Теги: sport 
- Бра-Коста-Рика - 2:0. По занавес куплет все же выдал Неймар + запомнился еще его финт пятками в самом финале матче + нервы у него все же не выдерживают напряжения матчей. Не выдержали перешеечные - но это и справедливо все же при такой разнице в классе: другое дело, что желто-зеленые не особо козырно для грандов играют.

- Ниг-Исл 2:0 - несколько неожиданно для меня: думала, что островитяне вничью скатают при равной игре. Но после не реализованного ими пеналя - увы, и шансов уже не было, хотя играли симпатично.

- Серб-Швейц 1:2 - ух, какой матч был напряженный. На 90 минуте add-time Шакири вложил мяч с близкой дистанции. Судья Брых, IMHO, играл против сербов: не был поставлен железный пеналь швейцарцам на Митровиче, четко уроненном в сэндвиче из двух стопперов на газон. И не только это было. Сербы в напряге теперь: нужна победа в матче с бразилами, которым ничьи хватит. Сыроедам тоже ничьи достаточно для выхода.

- Бел-Тун 5:2 - белги радовались мячам, жаль было только Батшуайе, его мячи должны были попасть в ворота раза четыре, а вышло только один, два - Лукаку, два- Азар.
Тунисцы радовались своим двум мячам - проиграли не ужас-ужас, подопечные же Мартинеса оставили вопросы о своей реальной силе.

- Ю.Кор-Мекс 1:2, по игре, Чичарито молоток, забил свой 50 гол, очень вовремя закрепив успех матча, но валяться с гримасами ужжжжасной боли вместе с напарниками он тоже умеет. Не люблю я это дело - перевороты на газоне с лицом Диомеда, пожираемого своими конями.

- Гер-Шве - 2:1. Вначале думала, что зря в прогнозе дала шанс немцам на выход из группы, но на очередной в этом чемпе 95-й минуте Кроос, наконец, забил свой любимый дальний. Боатенг был удален, так что в двух матчах его не увидим. (Надо, признать, что ошиблась в своем впечатление от чемпионов -2014, думая, что у них долгая красивая история, но Лев решил ничего не менять - и это его ашипка).
Теперь в этой группе все заверте со страшной силой до последнего тура.

Ich geschrieben, mit Hilfe Dreamwidth OpenID.

ID: 40632443
Дата: 2018-06-24 06:11:00
Тема: FIC: Personal Assistance [BBC Merlin] 
Теги: title: personal assistance, fandom: bbc merlin, type: modern au, type: politician AU, type: office romance, subject: pining, subject: mutual pining, subject: oblivious!arthur, subject: oblivious!merlin, length: 0-1k, rating: m, pairings: merlin/arthur, pairings: morg 
Title: "Personal Assistance"
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Genre: Modern AU, mutual pining, oblivious!Merlin, oblivious!Arthur, politician!Arthur, office romance
Length: 1080w
Rating: M
Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Gwen
Warnings/Spoilers: Crack.
Prompt(s): CD Prompt 318 (Naughty).
Summary: Arthur is the UK's youngest PM in decades; Merlin is his delectable PA. We all know how this goes.

ID: 40625861
Дата: 2018-06-24 06:05:11
Тема: FIC: A Word I've Said [BBC Merlin] 
Теги: title: a word I've said, fandom: bbc merlin, type: canon au, type: canon era, type: episode related, type: angst, type: fluff, type: happy ending, length: 0-1k, rating: g, pairings: merlin/arthur, warnings: spoilers, prompt: camelot_drabble, subject: apologies 
Title: "A Word I've Said"
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Genre: Canon AU, Episode Tag, Angst, Fluff, Happy Ending
Length: 1015w
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for 4x07 Secret Sharer.
Prompt(s): CD Prompt 317 (Tender).
Summary: Post 4x07, Merlin is tired of being ignored and Arthur tries to apologise (sort of).

ID: 40617020
Дата: 2018-06-24 05:59:28
Тема: FIC: Sugared Violets [BBC Merlin] 
Теги: title: sugared violets, fandom: bbc merlin, type: canon au, type: canon era, type: established relationship, type: porn with feelings, subject: hand-feeding, subject: sweets, subject: role-play, subject: role reversal, subject: homophobia, length: 1-5k, rating: e, pai 
Title: "Sugared Violets"
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Genre: Canon AU, established relationship, bottom!Arthur, PWP
Length: 1512w
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur
Warnings/Spoilers: Light Dom/dub overtones, sexual roleplay and role reversal, internalised homophobia.
Prompt(s): Bottom Arthur Fest 2018, CD Prompt 316 (Overindulge) and 317 (Tender).
Summary: It’s obvious that Merlin has no idea of his part in this little charade; his mouth is slightly open, and he drops into his seat with the look of a stupefied deer. With a sigh, Arthur leans in, tugging off Merlin’s jacket and undoing the laces of his tunic as he murmurs, “Is my lord hungry tonight?”

ID: 40604846
Дата: 2018-06-24 05:51:51
Тема: ART: The Adventures of Arthur Rabbit [BBC Merlin] 
Теги: title: arthur rabbit, fandom: bbc merlin, fandom: beatrix potter, type: digital art, subject: rabbits, type: fusion, rating: g, pairings: none, warnings: none 
Title: "The Adventures of Arthur Rabbit"
Fandom: BBC Merlin, Beatrix Potter
Genre: Digital Painting, Photoshop, Colour
Medium: Digital Art.
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Gen.
Warnings/Spoilers: None.
Summary: Inspired by "The Tale of the Teapot," I present to you: the adventures of Arthur and Merlin - Beatrix Potter style!

( AO3 )

ID: 40515473
Дата: 2018-06-24 04:45:18
Тема: When Art Prefigures Life 
Теги: writing, politics, disaster, history 
Years ago, I was fiddling with the "big view" of one of my fictional universes, trying to grasp the big trends of history of that Secondary World, where all the various stories were leading to. One of the big events, which could be written only after a dozen or so novels that would lay the groundwork, was the opening of a number of worldgates to admit a flood of refugees from a timeline where the Cuban Missile Crisis went hot, desperately trying to get through before the nukes started falling -- and coming through into lands that were already nicely populated, not deserted as had been the case in previous mass migrations.

It would turn out that the resultant humanitarian crisis was not an accident, a glitch or malfunction of the worldgates. Instead, they were the result of the very deliberate manipulations of a Big Bad whose presence would be hinted and glimpsed over the course of those dozen or so novels that needed to come before it. The intent was to keep the good guys so distracted that he could get a jump on them and execute his grand plan that had been centuries in the making (nasty dark-magic villain with bolthole outside time, so he had centuries to plan).

I tried to write some of the early novels, but with the excruciatingly slow publishing process in those days, it started looking like it would be forever before I could get to the Big Climactic War, so I drifted away from that Secondary World. But now, watching everything going on, with refugee crises in multiple parts of the world, I'm getting that creepy feeling of art anticipating life just a little too well.

Not that I think that there's a Big Bad sitting out there somewhere deliberately engineering all these horrible events that are sending hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their homes, with resultant humanitarian issues, as part of some nefarious Grand Villainous Scheme. Life is never that tidy. It's far more likely that what we are seeing is the result of a whole lot of short-sighted actions taken by policy-makers who are focused on putting out the fire right in front of them while losing sight of the big picture, all interacting in our incredibly interconnected world.

But I do think that focusing entirely on succoring the refugees at our border risks doing more harm in the long run. Large numbers of people don't just abandon their homes and flee to a distant country unless there's something pretty nasty going on where they were. And if that situation keeps going on, not only will it mean more and more refugees, it will also mean that things are getting worse and worse for the people left behind, the people who can't flee and just have to endure the horrors.

Yet at the same time, meddling in the internal affairs of other countries is always a risky business that is likely to make things worse instead of better, and often rebounds on the meddler, however well-intentioned. So I'm not sure if there would be a net benefit from intervening in the ongoing civil wars in the various countries in Central America that many of our refugees are fleeing (our efforts to intervene in the mess in Syria have certainly been less than inspiring).

OTOH, the crises in those countries all seem to have one major commonality: the role of drug cartels in their politics and growing instability. Those cartels are, for the most part, not providing for a local market. Instead, much of what they are handling is destined for the US -- which raises the very serious question of whether our domestic drug policy is "pouring gasoline on the fire."

Before the 1920's, we did not see gangsters shooting it out over control of alcohol production and distribution. They might rob trains or blow up safes, but they weren't running huge booze operations. That only started with Prohibition and the shuttering of the legitimate businesses that had previously brewed and distilled alcoholic potables. And the beer wars ended with the repeal of Prohibition, since the gangsters couldn't compete with legal alcohol.

I've believed for a long time that the War on Drugs has been doing more harm than good, that we need to reform our drug policy and treat addiction as a medical problem rather than a criminal one. Could this finally be what gets our nation to wake up and deal with it? Or are there too many moneyed interests benefiting from this mess, who will stop at nothing to insure that it continues?

ID: 40453257
Дата: 2018-06-24 04:00:09
Тема: Загадка 
Теги: politics 
Почему демократы способствуют нелегальной иммиграции в те штаты, где они находятся у власти, невзирая на рост преступности и понижение уровня жизни?

Количество конгрессменов и голосов на президентских выборах от данного штата определяется общим населением, включая нелегалов.

ID: 40322189
Дата: 2018-06-24 02:28:12
Тема: Photo 
Теги: portrait 

ID: 40148101
Дата: 2018-06-24 00:20:48
Тема: Tomb Howl 
Теги: fiction reviews: alternate world fantasy, fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy 
Tomb Howl by Jonathan Moeller

Book 7 of Cloak Games.  Serious spoilers ahead.

Starting with the way it opens with her PTSD from the events of book 6.  She injures her brother Russell -- he's not killed by chance -- and flees.  Then she calls Riordan and breaks up with him.  After attempting to cope with drunkenness -- it doesn't work -- she is summoned by Lord Morviland, who deduces much of what happened.  But he still gives her a job:  to steal three things as the Forerunner asks.  Given the villiany of the Forerunner, she tries and fails to balk.  Especially since she knows the subordinate the Forerunner delegates choosing to.

It involves a doctor who had injured people while driving drunk, the former Secretary of Defense, the ability of the undead to utter cryptic riddles that might foretell the future, poison, pretending to be an Inquisition agent, and more

ID: 40135386
Дата: 2018-06-24 00:13:29
Тема: Photo 
Теги: portrait 

ID: 40134246
Дата: 2018-06-24 00:00:56
Тема: Marxism and Arms 
Теги: arms, International, marxism, theory, USA, weapons 

The issue concerning the legalization of small arms is as acute as ever in modern society.
Taking into account the fact that before the onset of communism the development of human society historically was the struggle of opposed classes, we should consider the methods of this struggle, and first...
Источник: Marxism and Arms

ID: 40091966
Дата: 2018-06-23 23:41:14
Тема: Seth Rogen refused to take pic with Paul 'Satan' Ryan 
Теги: politics, seth rogen, stephen colbert / the colbert report 

Seth Rogen stopped by Colbert last night and talked a little bit about how he refused Paul Satan a picture.

One teen that just took a pic told him Paul wanted a picture. "My father wants to meet you.” He claimed he saw Ryan approaching.

“My whole body puckered, I tensed up, and I didn’t know what to do,” Rogen said to Colbert. “And I turned around and Paul Ryan was walking towards me,” Rogen said.

The actor felt sort of guilty for scolding him in front of his kids along with denying a picture.

“Furthermore, I hate what you’re doing to the country at this moment and I’m counting the days until you no longer have one iota of the power that you currently have,” Rogen claimed he told Ryan.

Seth earlier in the week left a short shady comment about Pete and Ari's fast relationship that Pete didnt like.

Source 2

Is Seth on a roll this week, ONTD?

ID: 40009171
Дата: 2018-06-23 22:40:01
Тема: Glassworks 
Теги: modern classical, modern composition, minimalism 
More modern minimalism now -

Philip Glass - Glassworks

ID: 40000140
Дата: 2018-06-23 22:37:05
Тема: Sky -- Toccata and Fugue in D Minor 
Теги: pop

ID: 39813836
Дата: 2018-06-23 20:24:09
Теги: portrait 


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